Through our Property Management Office we will exercise close liaison and supervision over the resident manager to insure proper operational maintenance and promote management, resident, and investor relationships.

  • Prepare specifications for all repairs and maintenance services.
  • Maintain a list of responsible, professional suppliers.
  • Inspect contractual services for building maintenance for satisfactory performance and prepare any necessary compliance letters to the vendors.
  • Prepare notices of meetings, proxies, and agendas for the Board Meetings, as well as attend those meetings.
  • Assist in the election of officers and the tabulation of votes; assist in the meetings of the Board to elect officers and committee members for various association functions
  • Collect, organize, and maintain complete files for all association(s) of legal documents including public reports, Declarations, CC & R’s, etc. insurance policies, owners list, correspondence, house and pool rules, blue prints and specifications, etc.
  • Prepare newsletters as needed for disseminating information and instructions.
  • Assist in resolving individual owners’ problems as they pertain to the Association common elements governing rules and regulations.
  • Exercise close supervision over hours and working conditions of employed personnel to insure compliance with all employment laws.
  • Administer the complex to insure that all residents, owners, and tenants alike conform to the adapted house and pool rules, and Bylaws; to promote a pleasant and harmonious relationship within the development at all times.
  • Obtain and analyze bids for insurance coverage specified in the Bylaws; recommend modifications or additional coverage, prepare claims when required, and follow up on payment.
  • We will act as Board representative in negotiating settlements.
  • Act as liaison for the association in negotiations or disputes with Local, Federal, or State taxing agencies or regulatory bodies.
  • Attend Board of Directors meetings, as necessary, to provide data and answer questions pertaining to financial statements, projects to be considered, etc.
  • Prepare and distribute Annual Meeting notices, proxies, and agendas for each and every Board meeting.
  • Assist homeowners, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through emergency and personalized problems.

Emergencies - We are available 24 hours 7 days a week in case of an emergency situation at a property. We have a person available to handle any situation if it were to arise and fix the problem right away.

Property Inspections - We inspect the interior/exterior of each unit on a scheduled basis.

Property Maintenance – We contract with licensed, bonded workmen, thereby lessening owner’s liability. All repairs are performed promptly and major repairs must have owners or association approval before work begins.

Major Projects - Prepare specifications and call bids for major improvement projects. We will then analyze and compare bids, issue contracts, coordinate the work, and maintain close inspection to insure that the work is performed according to specification.  

Property Consultation - We analyze your property to suggest upgrades and improvements to maximize property value. We keep abreast of laws and their effect on your property.

Accounting - We offer full service management of your finances for your property. Financial reporting, income and expense statements, cash flow reports and year end copies of invoices and bills for tax purposes. THRIFT RMS will prepare an annual operating budget detailed to reflect expected operations for each month. This budget is established to show expected recurring receipts and operating disbursements. It is further used for comparison with actual monthly income and expenditure. We will also prepare the reserve budget projection for capital expenditures on items recurring only periodically (i.e. painting, carpeting, etc.) for common elements. We will prepare a monthly operating cash position, and sinking fund reserve account statements.

Real Estate Services - We can help you look for an investment property, a home of your own or assist in selling your property. We can show you homes on the market and assist through out the purchase or sales process.

Industry Updates - We will send out newsletters highlighting activities specific to your property as well as including ARTICLES in our web site to help you get the most value from your property.

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