Transferring to a new location can be a stressful, time-consuming experience for the transferee as well as their entire family. If not done with care and knowledge of the new location it can be a hit or miss experience resulting in higher costs, lost productivity and a great deal of dissatisfaction for all involved.

ThriftRMS’ goal is to make the relocation process as smooth and pleasant as possible for the transferee, their family, and the corporation. We provide the same individualized, one-on-one service to all transferees whether top executives purchasing a new home or a new hire who is renting for the first time.

The goal of THRIFTRMS Destination Services is to provide the corporation with a savings of time and money while maintaining employee productivity and satisfaction by:

Corporate and Individual Benefits


  • Easing the stress of relocation for the employee and their family
  • Enabling employee to concentrate on acclamation to new job
  • Providing the best fit through “pre-departure” counseling
  • Providing Home finding assistance for permanent, rental, or temporary housing
  • Providing flexibility to offer the best program for employer and employee
  • Maintaining communication and progress reports to all concerned
  • Providing expert area knowledge and “pre-decision” counseling
  • Providing complete departure location property management
  • Provide orientation and comfort to your international transferees


Pre-departure Counseling Pre-decision Counseling Home Finding Assistance Property Management



Pre-departure Counseling


  • Review goals, time constraints, economic goals and priorities of transferee
  • Review family requirements schools, religion, shopping, transportation, etc.
  • Discuss purchase, rental and temporary alternatives and requirements
  • Review characteristics of area surrounding new job location
  • Based on above, select and prioritize search areas and provide.
  • All THRIFTRMS contact information
  • Area maps
  • State driver’s license application
  • State or City package for new residence if available
  • Samples of area and State periodicals




Pre-decision Counseling


  • Provide an area tour for employee and/or family
  • Provide list of schools, school information, area activities, and shopping information
  • Review time and/or distance proximity to new work location
  • Provide list and contact information for local utility companies
  • Provide list of professionals, hospitals, insurance companies, home inspectors


Home Finding Assistance


  • Provide Home Purchase/Rental Counseling Session
  • Review Communities meeting employee’s priorities
  • Explain current local Market conditions, availability, and costs
  • Review contract of Sale and introduce realtor
  • Review area information packages
  • If renting, target non-commissionable rental properties as priority
  • Provide Tour of Selected Areas
  • Tour communities best suited to meet employee requirements
  • Show homes/condos within selected price range and styles
  • Show area highlights including schools, shops, houses of worship, etc
  • Monitor Transferee’s Selection Progress
  • Provide advice on appraisals, inspections, contract offers and counter-offers
  • Review rental lease or temporary housing procedure if applicable
  • Monitor Realtors performance
  • Provide list of lenders and closing attorneys
  • Provide Corporate with periodic progress reports
  • Monitor process from selection to closing
  • Provide references or lists of local trades people needed by family


Property Management


  • Provide Full Service Management of Vacated Property
  • Initial property inspection
  • Quarterly inspections and report to owner
  • Rental of property and liaison for tenant
  • Open escrow or operation accounts
  • Handle mortgage and maintenance payments
  • Collection of rent and initial security deposit
  • 24-hour emergency contact
  • Maintenance and repair assistance




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